The volume of paper packaging recovered from the US municipal solid waste (MSW) stream is forecast to grow 0.5% annually through 2021. Corrugated boxes constitute 93% of recovered paper packaging due to their widespread use in shipping goods and a well-established infrastructure for recycling them. Most corrugated boxes constitute secondary packaging and don’t reach […]

On Friday, 03/24/2017, I was involved with a team of engineers tasked to make business card paper grade from the paper machine in the department. I had no experience working with a paper machine and was a bit anxious to work on this project. However, this weakness also gave me the opportunity to learn from […]

Paper flies off a paper machine at speeds often over 70 miles per hour (96.5 kph), or rather, 5-7,000 fpm. One minute of downtime on a paper machine that might spew paper over 100 yards long can cost the manufacturer thousands of dollars. Restarting a paper machine that was stopped due to paper web breakage, […]

One-third or more of the food we produce each year is never eaten. More than 1 billion metric tons of food is lost or wasted, never making it from the farm to our fork. Often in developing countries it decays in fields before harvest or spoils while being transported. Some is lost in retail markets […]

As soon as the New Year begins, red and pink begin to proliferate unchecked. Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping Valentine’s Day, no matter how hard you try. What better way to navigate the sea of romance by embracing Valentine’s Day and getting into the starry-eyed spirit of the day? These easy paper […]

The North American paper industry promotes sustainable forestry and depends on sustainable forest growth to provide a reliable supply of wood fiber.  Paper manufacturers encourage forest sustainability through their purchase and use of certified wood fiber and by promoting sustainable forest management policies and practices at home and around the globe. By providing a dependable market for […]

This year the TAPPI-PIMA summit was held at the Westin Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio. The ten-hour journey from Syracuse to Cincinnati was longer than usual (rush hour in Cleveland and several stops on the way). However, on touching base, the euphoria was all over the place with companies already set up and interviewing students for […]

The Syracuse Pulp and Paper Foundation sponsors a weekly College Hour talk at Walters Hall.  During the Fall Semester 2016, the PBE Department welcomed many experts to widen the horizons of our student engineers.  Our first guests hailed from Syracuse University: Dr. Todd Moss, Faculty Director of the Sustainable Enterprise Partnership and Dr. Cliff Davidson, […]

  It’s coming. The calendar just changed months and the atmosphere is warming. The semester is almost over and that brings into focus one event –finals! Preparing for finals is not always the easiest task for a college student; in fact it may be the one that causes the most anxiety. It’s a good feeling […]

On 11/18/2016, I went on a field trip with colleague sophomores enrolled in PSE 202 (Pulp and Paper Laboratory Skills) to see one of America’s largest paper mills, Proctor and Gamble (P&G) P&G which is located in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania. I was astonished when I walked through this enormous facility. This was my first experience inside […]

Photos by: Dr.Sus Ikuta The department Junior bioprocess engineering students went on a field trip to Sunoco Ethanol Facility in Fulton, NY to observe the processes involved in the plant’s ethanol production. The Products from this facility include ethanol automotive fuel additive, corn syrup and dried distiller’s grain for cattle, pork and poultry feed, corn […]

Water pollution is becoming an emerging issue in many developing countries. The development in wastewater treatment technologies is necessary not only for the protection of environment but also human health. Wastewater can be generally classified in three types: domestic wastewater, municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater. Industrial wastewater is usually regarded to have the largest impact […]

One of the first things you will encounter in organic chemistry is the concept of acids and bases. So what are they? Acids are the unstable union between a hydrogen atom (H) and an atom greedy for electrons, such as Fluorine (F). When atoms form bonds with one another they share electrons, like different apps […]

Interview with Sus Ikuta By Dwyer Stuart and Mat Ovadias Sus Ikuta has been a consultant for SUNY-ESF since 2006. He started teaching undergraduate classes 2013. Undergraduate typically first get to meet Professor Sus in their Intro to Bioprocessing class in their Fall Semester. While SUNY-ESF has been his primary employer for the majority of […]

5 Tips for Succeeding in PBE by Tesia Theriault 1. Join PBE Club  The PBE club is a club specifically designed for our Department. They organize traveling to conferences, events like potlucks, club activity fairs, and Department barbeques. Most importantly, this is the easiest way to get to know the upperclassmen! 2. Build a Network Get […]

In the News – Tissue Technology Award by Nicholas M. Palumbo Tissue paper can be a very hard grade of paper to make efficiently. Many chemicals go into a pulp slurry to increase certain properties of paper. These chemicals include; but are not limited to: dry strength, starch, anionic salicylic acid, alkyl ketene dimer, cationic […]

Co-op with North Pacific Paper Corporation by Jason Zipprich I recently returned to school after completing a co-op with North Pacific Paper Corporation in Longview, WA, which was a seven month assignment. I was lucky enough to get offered this position, simply by applying online, I had heard about it through my brother, as well […]

Thinking of attending the 2015 National AiChe (American Insitute of Chemical Engineers) Student Conference this November? Get ready by reading the reflections of last year’s conference from students Benjamin Butryn, Eric Mietz and Phil Wood. We attended the 2014 National AiChe (American Institutes of Chemical Engineers) Student Conference in Atlanta, Georgia at the Marriott Hotel. The […]

President Houseman’s Term as Leader of the PBE Club by Kelsey Nowak Last year Ali Houseman, a bioprocess engineering junior, served as president of the Paper and Bioprocess Engineering (PBE) Club here at ESF. She first joined the club as a freshman to meet people in the Department and last year was voted in as the […]

10 Tips For Your First Year in PBE Ashley Daniul Congrats, you’ve made it! Graduated high school, got accepted to SUNY ESF, and you got accepted to the major of your choice, Paper or Bioprocess Engineering. But now what do you do? Your first year in college is an important one, but don’t worry! Your […]

Internship at BASF “The Chemical Company” by Ellen R. Conti This blog post is a reflection on my summer internship at Badische Anilin- & Soda-Fabrik (BASF) Dispersions, Charlotte, North Carolina. It is directed at peers and underclassmen who are going off on their first internship, as I was last summer. It highlights some of the […]

Introduction to Bioprocess Engineering by Matt Serrao For many people, the word ‘bioprocess’ is unfamiliar. The first impression many people get when they hear it is to imagine green technology, or some form of future energy. Many are intimidated by the combination with engineering, but they really shouldn’t be! The exciting field of bioprocess engineering […]

Undergraduates in the Department can pursue different paths: Bioprocess Engineering, Paper Engineering or Paper Science. Here, two students give the reasons why they chose the path they are on. Which path will you choose or have you already chosen? Weigh in below in the comment section! Ben Foy on Choosing Bioprocess Engineering I chose to major in […]

Poppin’ Paper Pals – By Rachel Klein, BS Paper Science Engineering, ’15 For the past three and a half years ESF has been my home. But more importantly, Walters Hall and all the students and faculty in it make ESF feel like home. I don’t think there’s any other department on campus where the secretary brings her golden […]

May 4th (May the 4th be with you) In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of finals there was a gathering of minds in The SUNY-ESF Gateway Center on the night of May 4th. PBE Pecha Kucha Night was the main event but we cannot forget to mention the food that was there […]

Join the Department of Paper and Bioprocess Engineering for the PBE Pecha Kucha Night!  Monday, May 4th from 7:30-9:30pm in The SUNY-ESF Gateway Center 1 Forestry Drive, Syracuse, NY 13210 Entertaining and inspiring, the Pecha Kucha presentation format involves 20 self-advancing slides, showing for 20 seconds each (6 minutes and 40 seconds per presentation). Enjoy refreshments from Picasso’s […]

On Wednesday, April 15, 2015, twenty-eight Paper and Bioprocess Engineering students received their Six Sigma Green Belts after completing a semester-long course. The course, led by Dr. Gary M. Scott at SUNY-ESF, included a two-day short course before the start of the spring semester and six additional meetings during the semester. The students were also […]

Matthew Wainwright (’14) participated in the study abroad arrangement our Department has with the Munich University of Applied Sciences. Read his reflection below and stop by to see Dr. Doelle (Walters 421) if you think this might be something you want to experience, too! Greetings, my name is Matthew Wainwright. By the time you read this blog I […]

A bus carrying 31 SUNY-ESF students left campus on Friday, January 16th. Sixteen hours later they pulled into the parking lot of the Hyatt Regency in Savannah, Georgia where they joined their colleagues from other campuses for the TAPPI Student Summit. This annual event is an opportunity to network with industry professionals and other students interested in […]

It’s here! Students interested in the pulp, paper, packaging and allied industries are converging in Savannah, Georgia for the TAPPI Student Summit, including an entire bus full of SUNY-ESFers. The Summit is a great opportunity to learn about industry developments,  to interview for future positions, to see old friends and make new ones. We are also excited to once […]

The TAPPI Student Summit is an annual gathering of students interested in the pulp, paper, packaging and allied industries. The event includes interviews for co-ops, summer internships and post-graduation careers along with industry expert seminars and networking opportunities. The only national event of its kind, the weekend also features the engineering competition, where student teams face […]

The capstone experience for SUNY-ESF paper undergrads is the paper machine run. The students are given three paper grades with specific requirements like thickness, opacity and brightness. They split into groups mimicking companies and work to create the furnishes (combination of fibers, fillers, dyes, etc.) to fit the requirements. First, they make hand sheets and test them, […]

Twice a year members of the Syracuse Pulp and Paper Foundation (SPPF) come to SUNY-ESF for their meeting. In the Fall Semester their visit includes an evening speaker presentation from a Foundation member. This event is always well attended. The speaker this year was Jay Jansen, a SPPF member and ’84 ESF alumnus, who spoke to […]

  This Summer I interned at a paper mill in Montville Connecticut. The mill was owned by Rand Whitney Containerboard (RWCB), which is owned by The Kraft Group. The Kraft Group is a privately owned company and their chairman is Robert Kraft. The Kraft Group owns the New England Patriots, the New England Revolution, Rand Whitney […]

My internship with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation this summer gave me an opportunity to further understand the impact of Timber harvesting operations on paper and forestry products. Temporally moving to Albany, NY for work came with a mixed feeling. What to expect from my new roommates, colleagues and new friends got me […]

The much awaited department starting point library competition is scheduled for April 28th. This competition is open to all students in the department. Simply submit a non-plagiarized article to and you stand a good chance of winning prize awards. The semester is winding down and it will be a delight to be part of […]