Proud to be PBE – One Student Reflects on Completing Her Degree

Poppin’ Paper Pals – By Rachel Klein, BS Paper Science Engineering, ’15

For the past three and a half years ESF has been my home. But more importantly, Walters Hall and all the students and faculty in it make ESF feel like home. I don’t think there’s any other department on campus where the secretary brings her golden retriever in to play with the students, has an endless candy supply to make our days sweeter, where the students are willing to bend over backwards to help one another and possibly the only computer lab on campus where you can have fun.

poppin paper pals 2

Besides having some of the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet, the paper and bioprocess program is extremely rewarding to its students and help is always readily available. The scholarships provided from SPPF (Syracuse Pulp and Paper Foundation) have been a huge financial aid to all students in the paper program and has made many students dreams of becoming an engineer possible. The department also provides students with extremely convenient opportunities to interview with numerous companies right on campus, where many of us have received our internship/co-op and full-time offers. The amount of room to be inspired, grow as a student, and learn about industry from your peers and the faculty is tremendous. Since it’s such a small department, we’re able to learn so much from one another that it truly feels family oriented where you know the faculty genuinely cares about their students, academically and personally.

poppin paper pals 1

As I get ready to graduate this coming May I can’t imagine having the same experience I’ve had if I were in any other department. The friendships and relationships established between the students in Walters are unlike any other on campus. Making such strong connections with the faculty and students has been so beneficial in being successful both within the program and working out in industry. I’ll miss the days of walking into the computer lab being with all of my friends, working on assignments together, grabbing lunch in Gateway, making coffee and always making time for fun between the hard work. Although we all go to work for competitor companies, it’s guaranteed we’ll all see each other again at some point since it’s such a small industry. But until then we’ll always be there for one another, keeping in touch and giving advice along every step of the way.

poppin paper pals 3

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