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Student Op-Ed: The Fuel Potential of Algae

By Julia Gilbert One of the biggest concerns for the future, not only for the United States but also the world, is finding a sufficient renewable energy source to replace fossil fuels.  We as a country cannot continue to rely on other countries for our fuel. Social and political instability near or in regions producing […]

Sunlight to Fuel: Biofuel Company Becoming Commercial in 2017

Joule Unlimited, Biofuel Company Becoming Commercial in 2017 The power of the sun is in your hands! Or, at least, in your gas tank. A company called Joule Unlimited is looking to use a science called Helioculture to convert sunlight, CO2, and a few other things into transportation fuel, using a modified cyanobacteria – the […]

Insect Biodiesel

Over the past decade, many new yet dire problems have been pushed into the spotlight for the public to see, and for science to fix. Two of these problems that have received much of the limelight include global climate change, and finite supplies of fossil fuels. Scientists have responded to these problems with advances in […]