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The much awaited department starting point library competition is scheduled for April 28th. This competition is open to all students in the department. Simply submit a non-plagiarized article to and you stand a good chance of winning prize awards. The semester is winding down and it will be a delight to be part of […]

PAPER RUN #1 2017

On Friday, 03/24/2017, I was involved with a team of engineers tasked to make business card paper grade from the paper machine in the department. I had no experience working with a paper machine and was a bit anxious to work on this project. However, this weakness also gave me the opportunity to learn from […]

Joachim Speaker Series

The Syracuse Pulp and Paper Foundation sponsors a weekly College Hour talk at Walters Hall.  During the Fall Semester 2016, the PBE Department welcomed many experts to widen the horizons of our student engineers.  Our first guests hailed from Syracuse University: Dr. Todd Moss, Faculty Director of the Sustainable Enterprise Partnership and Dr. Cliff Davidson, […]