The volume of paper packaging recovered from the US municipal solid waste (MSW) stream is forecast to grow 0.5% annually through 2021. Corrugated boxes constitute 93% of recovered paper packaging due to their widespread use in shipping goods and a well-established infrastructure for recycling them. Most corrugated boxes constitute secondary packaging and don’t reach […]

On Friday, 03/24/2017, I was involved with a team of engineers tasked to make business card paper grade from the paper machine in the department. I had no experience working with a paper machine and was a bit anxious to work on this project. However, this weakness also gave me the opportunity to learn from […]

Paper flies off a paper machine at speeds often over 70 miles per hour (96.5 kph), or rather, 5-7,000 fpm. One minute of downtime on a paper machine that might spew paper over 100 yards long can cost the manufacturer thousands of dollars. Restarting a paper machine that was stopped due to paper web breakage, […]